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About Us

We fell in love with customization of apparels and so in 2015, with all the heart and soul Prinlay was born in the market of customization.

Prinlay, driven by creativity and individuality ensures a wide range of stylized and quality apparels to its customers. We know that each of our wearer is unique and inspiring and seeks products in accordance to their personality. Our focus is to fulfil their expectations through our ideation.


Prinlay introduces its own brand of luxury merchandize for those, who always crave for the ‘more touch’. Twooft products carry with them a reputation of the finest cloth material, an eye popping design and a beyond comparison experience. Twooft integrates in it, the inspiration that when TWO individuals sit together they OFTen come up with innovative and successful ideas. The fact that every successful organization is based on relation with its clients makes Twooft get it’s extra O. ‘TOO- OFTen’, Our customer services are so impressive and satisfying that it will make our clients visit us just TOO OFTen.


Prinlay.com aims to redefine customization by making it very handy for its users. The Design StudioTool ensures that the customization lovers have everything to create and wear just what they want.

Bulk Orders

We being a manufacturing company cater to bulk orders of all kinds of merchandises listed on prinlay.com. You can contact us for any bulk inquiry and ensure that the best will be delivered timely.

Meet the Founders

We're committed for

We create and let you create too. Our designs are unique and different. We aim at taking creativity to a next level. Our department of creativity takes into consideration the colour scheme, design size, purpose of the merchandize etc before proposing our product to the clients.
We are original and 100% trustworthy. You will boast about our fine sense of depicting moods, thoughts and company’s profiles on our merchandize. We are appreciated for making merchandize that stands out among the other ones.
We continuously strive to give our clients a ‘picture perfect’ look followed by complete satisfaction. You won’t complain about the feel and make of the fabric at Prinlay.

Our Vision

"To lead the future of customization in merchandising through commitment to quality and customer service."

Our vision is not just to rule the market of customization but also to infuse it into the lifestyle of the people by gradually expanding our product range and at the same time make it easily accessible and affordable.

Our Mission

"To supply a range of products and designs that are of outstanding quality and ensure a long and fruitful association with our clients."

Our mission is customer oriented as we realize that we can grow only if we are appreciated and preferred for our products, due to its quality and design by our clients.

What our customers say…

Hunny Thakral
Business Owner

Your service was awesome i genuinely appreciate it because its cheaper then any other platform that we got online as well as u fulfilled the order before the commitment date..Thanks a lot i recommend people to give it a try...

Vivek Bhardwaj

Best customization services. Good work... Keep it up guyzz...!!

Lalit Singh

The best online wholesale store, quality is too good...!!